Entering timetable planning is usually done with a better and more efficient organization as can be seen on our page “Why PlanExpert ”. But this often requires a lot of (re) organization. In some institutions there is a proliferation of shifts or an abundance of staff requirements that people want to contain somewhat. Or they want to apply certain social rules better. You can also contact Time Manage for these kinds of questions about organizational adjustments and communication with employees.

What help can you expect from Time Manage?

Preliminary phase: audit of your objectives:

  • What are you looking to achieve through the input of the system?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What competencies do you have to bring the project to a successful conclusion?
  • How about the time available?
  • What are your financial resources?

Implementation phase: project follow-up

  • Drawing up a schedule
  • Monitoring the timing
  • Progress reporting
  • Follow-up and coordination meetings
  • Creating a procedure book for the application manager
  • Create a procedure book for the system administrator
  • End user information