Time Manage would like to thank the following customers for allowing them to publish their testimonials:

Bart Claeys, Financial and Administrative Director at Sint Jozef Ghent, Sint VincentiusZaffelaere and MorgensterSijsele
This morning's social inspection went well. We would like to thank you for your input and the many hours of preparation (not to mention the efforts to implement the legislation in PlanExpert ) to provide the inspection with more information. What made them especially happy is that we invest in PlanExpert and that we are one of the few that work in accordance with the overtime law. They were impressed by PlanExpert and “dream” that they could also use this to make their inspection easier.
Our management will give information about this inspection to the next local Ghent coordination committee of affiliated ZorgnetVlaanderen members and will also recommend PlanExpert and yourself.

Olivier Thulier, Executive assistant at la Clé de Fa in Anseroeul
On behalf of the "Clé de Fa", I send you my congratulations for the explanation given during the introduction of PlanExpert . All our employees are delighted with the amount of information they receive from the program: schedule, paid time off, + and - hours. Also many thanks for your availability when there are questions.

Lydia Roos, HR department at Avondzon in Erpe

PlanExpert is user-friendly; you don't have to be an expert to get started. Handy for the nurses / department heads for planning and follow-up according to the wishes of employees, which is motivating.
The service and support at Time Manage is smooth and correct. They try to meet the wishes of the customers as much as possible.

Vincent De Wolf, HuizeWispelaere, Lebbeke (about our last user day:

The points raised are very useful for the day-to-day operation of PlanExpert .
It is very good that PlanExpert is adjusted based on the comments of the users
The presentation was clear, the sandwiches delicious and the location easily accessible

Hendrik Blomme, Director at WZC De Zathe, OCMW Nieuwpoort
Brought smoothly. Pleasant variety in the speakers. Clear presentation. Catering OK.


Dirk Delfosse, Resident Care Manager at Sint Petrus in Kruishoutem

Multifunction package. Recommended. A beautiful symphony!

Julie Fortje, Personnel Manager at d'Eycken Bridge in Bierbeek

PlanExpert is a user-friendly application. Support service is extremely fast.

Steven Craps, Personnel Manager at Hof ten Doenberghe in Hoeilaart

Expert explanation, given practical. Thanks.

Lien Debruyne, Planner at Ter Linde in Hooglede

Once incorporated into the program, the preparation of timetables is as good as watertight and reliable.

Annick Brusselmans, Personnel Manager at Senior Center of Our Lady, Bornem
Some interesting novelties for our organization in version 8.50.

Ria Rabaut, Administrator at Sint Jozef in Zonnebeke

PlanExpert can be fully adapted to the functioning of the institution. That is a strong asset. There is continuous possibility for adjustment and support via the contact person.

Kurt Volckaert, Administrative Manager at Vincenthof in Oostakker.

Time Manage is always looking for solutions for specific institution-related situations.

Wim Berghmans, Personnel Manager at Mater Dei in Heikruis - Pepingen.

PlanExpert is a complete time registration program that makes planning easy.

Marnix Vieren, Managing Director of Huize Wieltjesgracht in Ypres

We have recently had a visit from the social control. Everything went well, especially when they heard that we are working with PlanExpert . I clearly had the impression that PlanExpert has a good reputation with the social inspectors.

Patrick Hendrickx, Administrative assistant Zusterhof in Geel
Just to let you know that the 8.40 version is a huge improvement. Especially the entry of additional contracts, and the speed of the program. Today I made a first import to e-Blox, after a first check everything appears to be taken over flawlessly. We are very satisfied with the new version! Thanks

Ronny Demaeght, planner at Sint Vincentius in Avelgem

PlanExpert is clear and user-friendly.

Marieke Eggermont, personnel manager at Sint Franciscus in Brakel

The ability to automatically upload annual leave entitlements avoids manual entry.

KatrienVranckx, planner at Residence Moretus in Berchem

Easy telephone access to support at Time Manage .

Kurt Keirsmakers, Director of the WZC Hof van Schoten in Schoten
(Exceptionally, we have written and published this text ourselves with the approval of the customer)

A new record has been set:
After only two import days on 11 and 25 June 2013, the newly starting up nursing home “Hof van Schoten” managed to pass on its allowances and absences fully automatically to the pay package of their social secretariat ADMB at the end of June; everything completely flawless. However, the truth compels to say that, at the explicit request of director Kurt Keirsmakers, we switched the program of our second and third supervision day so that the entire wage link could already be treated during the second day (so just in time for the month end) and we therefore only the third day went deeper into work requirements and legal regulations. Congratulations to this dynamic customer who had his payroll processing operational in more than 14 days.

Fritz Van Clemen, Director of WZC Sint Barabara in Herselt
(at the end of the last day of guidance)

And, Peter, are you just as satisfied with us as we are with you?

Wouter Van Audenaerde, General Manager of WZC Sint-Carolus, Ternat and of Sint-Felix, Herne
Thank you very much for the service. We are sincerely satisfied with Time Manage .

Frederic Devos, Quality Coordinator and Prevention Advisor, VZW RVT Sint-JozefDeinze
We would like to let you know that we have succeeded in using PlanExpert in just under 2 months (1st training day 03/03/2011) ! In other words, we have evolved from a complete paper planning and wage statement to an automated wage processing, without any significant problems. I would like to ask if it is possible to plan an extra training day on which we would like to focus even more on reports, counters / balances and refining the time clock. Thanks.

Isabelle Deward, Director de la maison de repos D o Grand Fa, CPAS de Malmedy
We knew that the PlanExpert program was used in the nursing homes of Bütgenbach and Sankt-Vith and that the users were very satisfied. As a result of our specifications, we were indeed able to appreciate the great flexibility and dexterity of PlanExpert during a demonstration. It is a user-friendly working tool. Since September 2010 we have had 4 coaching days during which the program was made operational, including the link to our payroll processing. A big advantage is that we can automatically convert our cyclical schedules (drawn up in 4 weeks) into monthly schedules. We can check our on-call nursing as well as the extent to which we comply with social legislation (for example 11 hours between two shifts). If we have any questions, we will contact youTime Manage and we will receive a reply quickly and with a smile. In short, a positive experience.

Bart Claeys, on behalf of Sint Jozef Ghent, Sint VincentiusZaffelaere, MorgensterSijsele
We chose PlanExpert after a thorough demo and after obtaining information from a number of satisfied users. The apparent qualities of PlanExpert , coupled with a particularly competitive price, motivated our choice. PlanExpert was installed in our three institutions from the beginning of November 2009. The guidance was fully customized and after 3 to 4 days per institution, PlanExpert was fully operational. At the end of February 2010, we were able to forward our wages to Sprint for the first time. PlanExpertalso provides extensive management reporting. When we have questions, we are always helped quickly and effectively. We already had social control in two of our institutions and everything turned out to be fine with our timetable schedules.

Patricia Rogge, on behalf of WZC OnsGeluk, Ostend
We chose PlanExpert because we received answers to all our questions during the first extensive introduction. After all, we already had experience with a previous timetable planning package that ran very difficult and therefore had many detailed questions. Where other suppliers tried to send us a bit of a mess, Time Manage gave us positive answers, which were also immediately demonstrated in the package. This convinced us not only of the professionalism of the package but also of the competence of Time Manage. Everything that was promised to us during the demo was then also fulfilled. In just three days of supervision, the system was fully implemented and we were also able to realize the link with our Acerta salary program.

In response to your question yesterday, I forward your following experiences with PlanExpert :

  • Generally user-friendly
  • Work demands per 15 minutes: quick check to check work demands and optimize the work schedule
  • Services: easily accessible and quick answers to questions
  • The link with the salary program requires some time to set this up correctly, but in the end this link runs smoothly.
  • Method of training: 3 days in between to practice and introduce yourself works smoothly.